Ali G

Ali G at a protest

Jenny Holzer - Truisms
Ali G on the subject of Wales

Ali : For them people out there, what is they actually doing? Why is they here?
Protester : There are so little trees left in London and they are going to cut them down and build a multi storey cinema complex
and a roof top car park in.
Ali : Ow, wicked.
Protester : It’s going to house over 1000 cars!
Ali : Ah, but is it going to be one of those new cinemas with air conditioning and Dolby surround?
Protester : I don’t know but it will be a modern cinema of some sort.
Ali : A’ight, but they is wicked no?

Ali : We is now going to meet the main copper, the guy what is sorting it all out.
Copper :Hello.
Ali : If it comes to a ruck who do you think is going to win?
Copper :It’s not going to come to a ruck.
Ali : Ayyy, but if it does?
Copper :No it’s not going to come to a ruck. This is being dealt with as peacefully as possible.
Ali : Is it possible for us to get in?
Copper :Not at this stage because it’s still dangerous.
Ali : Is it coz I is black?(he’s white)
Copper :Not at all.

Ali : Do you not think that it’s time for the protesters to start looking out for themselves and protecting themselves?
Protester : Well violence doesn’t solve anything now does it?
Ali : Well I don’t know, it does.
Protester : Well it don’t.
Ali : Yeah, well mainly it does.
Protester : Not really. You can’t conquer nothing with violence can you.
Ali : Well you can.
Protester : In what situation?
Ali : Well, in a violent one.

Ali : All right. Me has heard both sides of the argument. Me don’t understand either of them. But me is well up for a ruck anyway…

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Jenny Holzer - Truisms
Ali G on the subject of Wales