Ali G

Ali G talking to George Paton

Ali G talking to a member of the assembly of Sinn Fein

Speaking with George Paton Orange Lodge Grandmaster in N Ireland…

Ali : When you is on your marches is there music?
George : There is lots of music.
Ali : Is you knocking out a drum and bass sound or is it more speed garage?
George : *pause* Er, different drummers have different styles.
Ali : Do you not think you should use a bit of human beat box? Then people could really chill.
Ali : Would you ever marry a protestant girl?
George : Perhaps.
Ali : Well that is a good gesture, no. Wot about marrying a Catholic girl?
George : Possibly because of my faith I would not.
Ali : But what if she was fit?
George : Again, because of my religion, no.
Ali : But what if she had her own car, AND sound system and she wasn’t gonna be stealing money off you all the time. Would you marry ‘er then?
George : I think I could be friends with Catholics.
Ali : Bu’ could you get giggy with them?
George : It’s hard for some people to understand, but because of my faith, no.
Ali : But what if they woz really, really fit?
George : NO.
Ali : Wot about the band the Corrs? Would you marry them?
George : NO!
Ali : So you is telling me that if they walked in ‘ere now and asked you to marry them you wouldn’t.
George : Because of my faith, no.
Ali : All three of them.
George : NO.
Ali : So you really believe this stuff then!

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Ali G talking to a member of the assembly of Sinn Fein