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Education with Rhodes Boyson…

Ali : What is education.
Rhodes : Education is basic literacy and numeracy.
Ali : And what is they?
Ali : What do you reckon about the Maffs.
Rhodes : What, the Maths?
Ali : Ayyy. Do you rate tha Maffs or do you rock tha Maffs?
Rhodes : What is the Maffs?
Ali : You know. One, two, three or whatever.
Rhodes : I see, yes.
Ali : Well why don’t they teach propa Maffs in schools?
Rhodes : What do you mean by propa Maths?
Ali : Instead of teaching kilos and grams, why don’t the teach ounces,
quarters and eighths?
Rhodes : Yes, I mean in baking you need to know those terms.
Ali : Ayyy, for real. Me know baking.
Rhodes : I bake my own breakfast every morning.
Ali : Ayyy. An me make ME own breakfast an all. I mean who ever bought a kilo of anything man. Except me mate Dave but he’s gone down now.

Ali : Do you think we should have mixed schools?
Rhodes : I think that everyone should have the choice.
Ali : Do you not think that in mixed schools, all the boyz will spend all their time chasing muff, and all the girls spend all their time
preparing their muff?
Ali : Well me, me got an A+ in punani but me fail me exams coz me spend all me time chasing the kitty.
Rhodes : Well that’s your fault.
Rhodes : I think, overall, single sex schools perform better than mixed ones.
Ali : But do you not think that single sex girls schools bread, well, people who drink from the furry cup?
Rhodes : Well never having drunk from the furry cup one doesn’t know what liquor is kept in it.
Ali : Well you know them girls who drink from the furry cup, also, eat from the bushy plate. You know what I is getting at?
Ali : Do you think sex education should be taught in schools?
Rhodes : No, it should be taught within the family.
Ali : Do you think that porn stars should teach the kids?
Rhodes : No
Ali : Why not?
Rhodes : I do not respect them.
Ali : But they has had more experience than anyone, man. Someone who has had a four header will no how to cope with any situation.
Ali : Well you have shown that, Education should be spread throughout the nation, if we want to get into the space station. Wicked, reespect, boyaka-sha, big up.

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Ali G on the subject of fashion
Ali G talking to Judge Pickles