Ali G

Ali G talking to James Whittaker

Ali G talking to Sue Leetch
Ali G talking to Rhodes Boyson

Talking to James Whittaker about Princess Di…

Ali : Why was she nobbing that Pakistani?
James: He wasn’t a Pakistani he was an Egyptian.
Ali : A’ight…
James : She fell in love with him and she had a summer romance.
Ali : Will Carr-mella ever be queen?
James : Camilla?
Ali : A’ight Carr-mella.
James : I think she will.
Ali : Do you think that a lot of the objection to Camilla is because she is so minging?
James : So *what*?
Ali : So minging.
James : What does minging mean?
Ali : Her face is very.. ugly. NO me didn’t wanna say that.. she’s RANK.
She’s rank.
James : Most women in this country…
Ali : A’ight – are a bit dodgy.
James : Well no, being compared to Diana who was a very beautiful…
Ali : She was tasty.
James : Very tasty – so you put anybody up against Diana and it’s a wee bit of a problem. She is also a very fit woman. She rides well –
Ali : She ‘aint fit man!
James : No this isn’t Diana I understand Prince Charles as well –
Ali : But she look like Rod Hull.

Ali : She does man.. what do you think about Fergie?
James : I think she is a… decent person –
Ali : Did they not find pictures of her sucking someone’s nob or something?
James : No they wouldn’t find pictures like that – you’re referring to sucking someone’s toes or having her toes sucked…
Ali : A’ight but they used the word toe.. they used the word toe
James : NO.. er watch it… naughty!

Ali G talking to Sue Leetch
Ali G talking to Rhodes Boyson