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Ali G talking to Judge Pickles

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Judge Pickles and Law…

Ali : When can you murder someone?
Pickles : Well that’s really a nonsensical question if I may say so because if you are entitled to kill somebody it’s not murder.
Ali : OK, but can you murder someone if someone, lets say called your mum a slag, diss your mama? .. If they call your mum a slag, you ring up the police, the police ‘aint gonna do nothing, you know they laugh at you.
Pickles : It depends I suppose, if you called my mother a slag and I then killed you, provocation can reduce murder to manslaughter,
Ali : So where’s the line then? If they call her slag – manslaughter, if they call her bitch – is that murder?
Ali : Do you think women should be on juries?
Pickles : Oh yes, of course.
Ali : What about when they got the painters in?
Pickles : I’m sorry?
Ali : What about when it’s rag week? How can they be thinking straight, serious! Serious, my woman, she doesn’t know what’s going on, guilty *everyone is guilty when it’s her time, everyone is guilty, I do something small – GUILTY! You should be chopped, whatever.
Pickles : I don’t honestly think you could start asking people intimate questions and say “no, you can’t do this.”
Ali : Exactly, this is why you should not have women on juries.

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Ali G talking to Rhodes Boyson
Ali G talking to Tony Benn